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Process transformation and re-engineering for successful businesses.

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In BPO World, Process transformation and re-engineering are vital for the success of achieving desired goals at delivery location. We at Grassroots, deploy a solution based approach to every service delivery using cost-effective technology platforms.

Grassroots deploys Asterisk – an open source telephony platform for delivering voice services. We deploy IP PBX which are integrated with E1/PRI, SIP Trunks, Predictive Dialer, Automated Call Distribution system (ACD), Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, Voice Call Recordings for managing customer voice interactions. The Platform provides various Auxiliary Services such as IVR Broadcasting, Missed Call services integrated with automated dialer system for reduced turnaround time performance.

The Voice platforms are integrated with databases and customised CRM for Information availability and effective transaction management.

Availability of processed data is critical for measuring the success of the business. At Grassroots, we deploy CRM specific to the process requirement for capturing, processing, routing information to manage various stages of the process life cycle. These CRM platforms are customized to clients business needs and extended to provide realtime performance details to our clients. We provide Email and Chat Solutions to manage non-voice customer interactions.

We extend the functionality of CRM from Desktops to Smartphones; we specialize on Android Apps to manage various customer interfacing processes.

Robotic automation focuses on using a computer (a.k.a. robot) to manipulate existing application software (ex: CRM, application processing system) in the same way that a human works with those systems and presents it to perform a specific task. Robotic Process Automation enables Scalability, Analytics, Accuracy and Speed.

RPA enables collaboration between human and robots. Robots fetch structured data from various systems, interprets them and presents it to a human agent for review. Robots manipulate the user interface and perform required tasks; only exceptions are presented to human agents.
At Grassroots, we enable processes with RPA for enhancing the delivery and reducing the turn around time.

Data Science is a art of extracting knowledge from large volumes of structured and unstructured data. We at Grassroots, provide our clients with analytics by applying various algorithms and recursive data mining techniques to arrive at the predictability map.